Proceedings of ISP RAS

Risks of Design and Development of Portable Software Products.

V.V. Lipaev.


The paper introduces main notions and properties of risks of software com-plexes. Factors and types of such risks are considered. Preparation of input data for analysis, prediction, and reduction of complex software is discussed. Then the paper describes discovering, identification, and analysis of threads and risks in complex software. Finally, methods of dangerous risks reduction and removing, registration and approving acceptable integral risk of software products are considered.


software product, its quality and types of risks; defects of software, threads of risks and their identification during software development and testing; registration, reduction and removing complex software risks


Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming, vol. 21, 2011, pp. 167-182.

ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

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