Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 24, 2013, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

Table of Contents

Mikhail Trushnikov. Probabilistic analysis of a new strip packing algorithm. pp. 457-468.

V.N. Yudin, L.E. Karpov. Hybrid approach to building decision support system. Стр. 447-456.

L.E. Karpov, V.N. Yudin. State prehistory for complex object estimation in a control system based on cases. pp. 437-446.

I.V. Bludov. Features of SQL table expressions and their compliance with the concepts of relational model. pp. 417-436.

V.A. Zolotov, V.A. Semenov. Advanced indexing methods for large multidimensional data in complex dynamic scenes. pp. 381-416.

S.V. Gerasimov, R.V. Kurynin, I.V. Mashechkin, M.I. Petrovskiy, D.V. Tsarev, A.A.Shestimerov. Tools for Quality Assessment of Scientific and Technical Documents. pp. 359-380.

S.D. Kuznetsov, A.V. Poskonin. Distributed scaling out solutions for data management. pp. 327-358.

Vladimir Fedotov. Automated event trace analysis for regression testing. pp. 317-326.

E.M. Novikov. Building Programming Interface Specifications in the Open System of Componentwise Verification of the Linux Kernel. pp. 293-316.

Khoroshilov A.V., Mandrykin M.U., Mutilin V.S. Introduction to CEGAR — Counter-Example Guided Abstraction Refinement. pp. 219-292.

Ivannikov V.P., Petrenko A.K., Kuliamin V.V., Maksimov A.V. How the story of UniTESK technology applications mirrors development of model based testing. pp. 207-218.

V. P. Ivannikov, S. P. Vartanov, M. K. Ermakov. Automatic concurrency defect detection for Android applications. pp. 191-206.

I.E. Bronshteyn. Type inference for Python programming language. pp. 161-190.

Sh.F. Kurmangaleev, K.Y. Dolgorukova, V.V. Savchenko, A.R. Nurmukhametov, H. A Matevosyan, V.P. Korchagin. Software deobfuscation methods: analysis and implementation. pp. 145-160.

Sh.F. Kurmangaleev. Machine-specific optimization methods for C/C++ applications that are distributed in the LLVM intermediate representation format. pp. 127-144.

Yu.A. Rumyantsev. Direct data transfer between FPGAs Virtex-7 via PCI Express bus. pp. 107-126.

Ia.V. Zagumennyi, Yu.D. Chashechkin Calculations of continouosly stratified fluid flows using the open source computational packages on basis of the technological platform UniHUB. pp. 87-106.

I.K. Marchevsky, V.V. Puzikova. OpenFOAM iterative methods efficiency analysis for linear systems solving. pp. 71-86.

M.S. Akopyan, N.E. Andreev. Research and development of inefficiency patterns in MPI, UPC applications. pp. 49-70.

I.A. Dudina, A.O. Kudryavtsev, S.S. Gaissaryan. Topology-aware cloud scheduling for HPC. pp. 35-48.

A.O. Kudryavtsev, V.K. Koshelev, A.O. Izbyshev, I.A. Dudina, Sh.F.Kurmangaleev, A.I. Avetisyan, V.P. Ivannikov, V.E. Velikhov, E.A. Ryabinkin. HPC cloud system design and implementation. pp. 13-34.

V.P. Ivannikov. Introduction. pp. 7-12.

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