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Applying CORBA Standard to Legacy Systems.


Kamensky V. E., Klimov A. V., Manzgeley S. G., Solovskaya L. B.


The distributed data processing tends to get more and more widespread in the modern computer world. Industrial standards for distributed systems like Object Management Group (OMG) CORBA 2.0 allow creation of open systems in heterogeneous distributed environment. Although CORBA 2.0 standard is primarily intended for new object-oriented applications creation it can be successfully applied to legacy systems distribution as well. One of the problems arising while distributing such systems is a problem of making a specification of a system in OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL).

The paper examines the problems of automatic generation of IDL specification for legacy systems. Attention is also paid to the usage of the generated specification. The paper proposes an extension of IDL to meet the needs of legacy systems usage and a reverse compiler from the programming language being in use to IDL.

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Voprosy kibernetiki, N 3, 1997.

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