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Efficient Metaobject Control Using Mediators.


Ivannikov V. P., Zadorozhnyi V. I., Kossmann D., Novikov B. A.


In this paper we propose an approach to optimization of reflection which combines flexibility and efficiency while implementing metaobject-based systems. The main idea is to flatten nested metainterpreter layers using a particular kind of mediator objects, which provide object/metaobject connection. One of the most significant features of the approach is that it allows to carry out what we called metaupgrading of existing software systems in a systematic way, efficient and transparent for the application. The meta-upgrading approach based on Interface Object technology can be efficiently used for system integration and re-use of legacy software components.

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2-nd International A. Ershov Conference, Novosibirsk , 1996, LNCS 1181.

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