Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 19, 2010, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

Table of Contents

A.I. Getman, Y.V. Markin, V.A. Padaryan, E.I. Shchetinin. Format recovery. pp. 195-214.

I.I. Karetin, V.A. Makarov. Power saving code optimization based on using the power controllable components of CPU. pp. 187-194.

V.A. Padaryan, M.A. Soloviev, A.I. Kononov. Modeling operational semantics of machine instructions. Стр. 165-186.

N.N.Kuzjurin, A.I. Pospelov. Probabilistic analysis a algorithm for strip packing. pp. 157-164.

Sergey A. Martishin, Marina V. Khrapchenko. The algorithm on base of Nelder–Mead modified method and genetic algorithm for strip packing problem. pp. 135-156.

V.A. Semenov, O.V. Sidyaka. Theoretical and practical complexity estimates for local propagation methods in constraint-based programming applications. pp. 117-138.

V.A. Semenov, D.V. Ilyin, S.V. Morozov, O.V. Sidyaka. Object-oriented constraint-based programming: a new paradigm using declarative data modeling languages. pp. 95-116.

Leonid E. Karpov, Valery N. Yudin. Case-based multi-parametric object control. pp. 81-93.

Leonid E. Karpov, Valery N. Yudin. Data exchange in distributed software system for decision support. pp. 71-80.

Sergey D. Kuznetsov. MapReduce: within, outside, or on the side-by-side with parallel DBMSs? pp. 35-70.

Sergey D. Kuznetsov. The year of epoch of changes for the database technology. pp. 9-34.

V.P. Ivannikov. Introduction. pp. 5-8.

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