Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 26, issue 3, 2014, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

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Table of Contents

N.P. Varnovsky, V.A.Zakharov, N.N. Kuzurin, V.A. Shokurov. The current state of art in program obfuscations:definitions of obfuscation security. pp. 167-198.

V.V. Podymov, V.A. Zakharov. A polynomial algorithm for checking the equivalence in models of programs with commutation and vast operators. pp. 145-166.

V.A. Padaryan, V.V. Kaushan, A.N. Fedotov. Automated exploit generation method for stack buffer overflow vulnerabilities. pp. 127-144.

A. Nurmukhametov, Sh. Kurmangaleev, V. Kaushan, S. Gaissaryan. Compiler protection techniques against software vulnerabilities exploitation. pp. 113-126.

Alexey Borodin. Static detection of error of double locking of mutex. pp. 103-112.

A. Monakov, V. Platonov. Optimizations for linear solvers in OpenFOAM for MPI + CUDA platform. pp. 91-102.

Ksenia Dolgorukova. Overview of Scalable Frameworks of Cross-Module Optimization. pp. 69-90.

M.P. Galanin, M.M. Gorbunov-Posadov, A.V. Ermakov, V.V. Lukin, A.S. Rodin, K.L. Shapovalov. Prototype of an integrated software platform for tracking computer simulations to solve complex problems of mathematical modeling. pp. 51-68.

A.S. Anichkin, V.A. Semenov. A survey of emerging models and methods of scheduling. pp. 5-50.

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