Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 27, issue 2, 2015, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

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Table of Contents

M.S. Akopyan Using Multithreaded Processes in ParJava Environment pp. 5-22.

M. Ermakov, S. Vartanov Dynamic Java Program Analysis Using Virtual Machine Modification pp. 23-38.

M. Ermakov, S. Vartanov Detecting Race Conditions in Java Programs Using Dynamic Analysis pp. 39-52.

A. Belevantsev, E. Velesevich Analyzing C/C++ Code Entities and Relations for Program Understanding pp. 53-64.

V.Y. Efimov, K.A. Batuzov, V.A. Padaryan Deterministic Replay Specifics in Case of Minimal Device Set pp. 65-92.

Sevak Sargsyan Copy-Paste Semantic Errors Detection pp. 93-104.

V. V. Kaushan, A. YU. Mamontov, V. A. Padaryan, A. N. Fedotov Memory Violation Detection Method in Binary Code pp. 105-126.

M.A. Klimushenkova, P.M. Dovgalyuk Methods to Improve Reverse Debugging Performance pp. 127-144.

A.V. Nikeshin, N.V. Pakulin, V.Z. Shnitman. TLS Clients Testing pp. 145-160.

Podlovchenko R.I. Finite State Automata in the Theory of Algebraic Program Schemata pp. 161-172.

A. Molchanov A Solution to the Equivalent Transformation Problem in a Class of Primitive Program Schemes pp. 173-188.

Igor Burdonov, Alexander Kossatchev Parallel Calculations on Dynamic Graph pp. 189-220.

V.A.Zakharov Modeling and Analysis of the Behavior of Successive Reactive Programs pp. 221-250.

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