Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 27, issue 3, 2015, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

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Table of Contents

A.S. Kamkin, A.K. Petrenko and A.N. Terekhov Foreword pp. 7-8

I.S. Ratkevich FRIS Language Service for Extended Fortran Support in Microsoft Visual Studio pp. 9-28

J. Belyakova, S. Mikhalkovich Pitfalls of C# Generics and Their Solution Using Concepts pp. 29-46

D. Egorova, V. Zhidchenko Visual Parallel Programming as PaaS Cloud Service with Graph-Symbolic Programming Technology pp. 47-56

A. Naumchev Seamless Development Applicability: an Experiment pp. 57-72

A.N. Kovartsev, V.S. Smirnov, S.V. Smirnov Intelligent Design of Class Structure Model based on Ontological Data Analysis pp. 73-86

O.A. Chetverina Procedures classification for optimizing strategy assignment pp. 87-100

P.P. Oleynik Unified Model for Testing Object-Oriented Application Development Tools pp. 101-114

N.V. Voinov, P.D. Drobintsev, I.V. Nikiforov, V.P. Kotlyarov, A.V. Kolchin Method of Symbolic Test Scenarios Automated Concretization pp. 115-124

A. Kamkin, A. Protsenko, A. Tatarnikov An Approach to Test Program Generation Based on Formal Specifications of Caching and Address Translation Mechanisms pp. 125-138.

V. Kutsevol, A. Meshkov, M. Ryzhov, P. Frolov An Approach to Direct Memory Access Module Verification pp. 139-148.

A. Kamkin, M. Petrochenkov A Model-Based Approach to Design Test Oracles for Memory Subsystems of Multicore Microprocessors pp. 149-160.

I. Melnichenko, A. Kamkin, S. Smolov An Extended Finite State Machine-Based Approach to Code Coverage-Directed Test Generation for Hardware Designs pp. 161-182.

V. Burenkov On the Implementation of a Formal Method for Verification of Scalable Cache Coherent Systems pp. 183-196.

S.A. Chernenok, V.A. Nepomniaschy The Application of Coloured Petri Nets to Verification of Distributed Systems Specified by Message Sequence Charts pp. 197-218.

N. Nikitina, A. Mitsyuk Carassius: A Simple Process Model Editor pp. 219-236.

I. Shugurov, A. Mitsyuk Iskra: A Tool for Process Model Repair pp. 237-254.

S. Ivanov, A. Kalenkova Comparing process models in the BPMN 2.0 XML format pp. 255-266.

K. Mallachiev, N. Pakulin Remote Service of System Calls in Microkernel Hypervisor pp. 267-278.

A. Kiryantsev, Irina Stefanova Constructing Private Service with CRYP2CHAT Application pp. 279-290.

V. Tarasov, E. Mezenceva, D. Karbaev Combined Classifier for Website Messages Filtration pp. 291-302.

V. Tarasov, S. Malakhov Statistical Data Handling Program of Wireshark Analyzer and Incoming Traffic Research pp. 303-314.

I. Bolodurina, D. Parfenov Effective Use of Resources Distributed Cloud Computing Platform for Providing Quality Multimedia Services pp. 315-328.

N. Limanova, M. Sedov Searching Method of Personal Details on the Basis of Fuzzy Comparison pp. 329-342.

D.V. Antonov, V.S. Roublev Effective interaction with the DIM DBMS pp. 343-350.

D.A. Ustalov A Crowdsourcing Engine for Mechanized Labor pp. 351-364.

L.S. Zelenko, D.A. Konopelkin, V.S. Ivanov, A.O. Grigoryev, A.E. Semenov, M.A. Savachaev, E.E. Poberezkin Software Tools for Organization and Support of Distance Learning Game System «3Ducation» pp. 365-378.

A.A. Tsyganov Acceleration of profile creation for three-dimensional vector video with GPGPU pp. 379-388.

S. Latkina Two-step Harmonious Melody Generator pp. 389-406.

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