Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 28, issue 3, 2016, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

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Table of Contents

E.A. Glukhoded, S.I. Smetanin The Method of Converting an Expert Opinion to Z-number pp. 7-20.

S.M. Avdoshin, A.V. Lazarenko Deep Web Users Deanonimization System pp. 21-34.

P.P. Oleynik, S.M. Salibekyan Model of security for object-oriented and object-attributed applications pp. 35-50.

A.S. Kiryantsev, I.A. Stefanova Dynamic key generation according to the starting time pp. 51-64

D.I. Samokhvalov, L.W. Dworzanski Automatic Code Generation from Nested Petri nets to Event-based Systems on the Telegram Platform pp. 65-84

K.V. Davydova, S.A. Shershakov Mining Hierarchical UML Sequence Diagrams from Event Logs of SOA Systems while Balancing between Abstracted and Detailed Models pp. 85-102

I.S. Shugurov, A.A. Mitsyuk Applying MapReduce to Conformance Checking pp. 103-122.

A.D. Ermakov, N.V. Yevtushenko Deriving adaptive checking sequence for nondeterministic Finite State Machines pp. 123-144.

P. Drobintsev, V. Kotlyarov, I. Nikiforov, N. Voinov, I. Selin Conversion of abstract behavioral scenarios into scenarios applicable for testing pp. 145-160.

M. Petrochenkov, I. Stotland, R. Mushtakov Approaches to Stand-alone Verification of Multicore Microprocessor Caches pp. 161-172.

E.A. Ilchenko Tools of mathematical service MathPartner for parallel computations on a cluster pp. 173-188

V.V. Kuliamin, E.M. Lavrischeva, V.S. Mutilin, A.K. Petrenko Verification and analysis of variable operating systems pp. 189-208.

A.R. Topchyan Enabling Data Driven Projects for a Modern Enterprise pp. 209-230

V.N. Yudin, L.E. Karpov, V.Y. Abramov Feature’s types and their role in differentiating classes for estimation of not fully described object pp. 231-240

Y.A. Rumayanstev, P.N. Zakharov, N. A. Abrashitova, A.V. Shmatok, V.O. Ryzhikh, N.B. Gudimchuk, F.I. Ataullakhanov PGA HPC Implementation of Microtubule Brownian Dynamics Simulations pp. 241-266

M.V. Kraposhin Study of capabilities of hybrid scheme for advection terms approximation in mathematical models of compressible flows pp. 267-326.

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