Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 28, issue 6, 2016, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Academician V.P. Ivannikov

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Table of Contents

A.I. Avetisyan Foreword pp. 9-11.

M.A. Klimushenkova, M.G. Bakulin, V.A. Padaryan, P.M. Dovgalyuk, N.I. Fursova, I.A. Vasiliev On Some Limitations of Information Flow Tracking in Full-system Emulators pp. 11-26.

A.V. Vishnyakov Classification of ROP gadgets pp. 27-36.

R.A. Buchatskiy, E.Y. Sharygin, L.V. Skvortsov, R.A. Zhuykov, D.M. Melnik, R.V. Baev Dynamic compilation of SQL queries for PostgreSQL pp. 37-48.

K.M. Lavrischeva, A.K. Petrenko Software Product Lines Modeling pp. 49-64.

P.S. Andrianov, V.S. Mutilin, A.V. Khoroshilov Adjustable method with predicate abstraction for detection of race conditions in operating systems pp. 65-86.

A.S. Kamkin, A.M. Kotsynyak, A.S. Protsenko, A.D. Tatarnikov, M.M. Chupilko MicroTESK-Based Test Program Generator for the ARMv8 Architecture pp. 87-102.

A. I. Get'man, Yu. V. Markin, D. O. Obydenkov, V. A. Padaryan, A. Yu. Tikhonov Methods of presenting the results of network traffic analysis pp. 103-110.

O. Borisenko, R. Pastukhov, S. Kuznetsov Deploying Apache Spark virtual clusters in cloud environments using orchestration technologies pp. 111-120.

R. Massobrio, S. Nesmachnow, A. Tchernykh, A. Avetisyan, G. Radchenko Towards a Cloud Computing Paradigm for Big Data Analysis in Smart Cities pp. 121-140.

D.Yu. Ignatov, A.N. Filippov, A.D. Ignatov, X. Zhang Automatic Analysis, Decomposition and Parallel Optimization of Large Homogeneous Networks pp. 141-152.

M. Drobyshevskiy, A. Korshunov, D. Turdakov Parallel modularity computation for directed weighted graphs with overlapping communities pp. 153-170.

A. Gomzin, S. Kuznetsov A method of automatically estimating user age using social connections pp. 171-184.

Y.S. Trofimovich, I.S. Kozlov, D.Y. Turdakov Approaches to estimate location of social network users based on social graph pp. 185-196.

D.A. Ustalov Joining Dictionaries and Word Embeddings for Ontology Induction pp. 197-206.

I.S. Alimova, V.D. Solovyev, I.Z. Batyrshin Comparative analysis of the similarity measures based on the moving approximation transformation in problems of time series classification pp. 207-222.

D.O. Mashkin, E.V. Kotelnikov Aspect term extraction based on word embedding and conditional random fields pp. 223-240.

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