Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 29, issue 1, 2017, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

N.F. Dimitrieva The numerical solution of the problem of stratified fluid flow around a wedge using OpenFOAM pp. 7-20.

M. Kalugin, I. Evdokimov Numerical study of characteristic modes and frequencies of flow in high-speed compressors pp. 21-38.

P.S. Lukashin, S.V. Strijhak, G.A. Shcheglov Validation of open source code BEM++ for simulation of acoustic problems pp. 39-52.

V.G. Melnikova, O.S. Kotsur, G.A. Shcheglov Numerical simulation of the flow rate regulator valve using OpenFOAM pp. 53-70.

V. Puzikova The LS-STAG Immersed Boundary Method Modification for Viscoelastic Flow Computations pp. 71-84.

D.I. Romanova 3D avalanche flow modeling using OpenFOAM pp. 85-100.

A.N. Nuriev, A.I. Yunusova, O.N. Zaitseva Simulation of the wedge-shaped vibration-driven robot motion in the viscous fluid forced by different laws of internal mass movement in the package OpenFOAM pp. 101-118.

M.K. Ermakov, A.Y. Gerasimov, D.O. Kutz, A.A. Novikov Applying iterative dynamic analysis to programs with graphical user interface pp. 119-134.

S.P. Vartanov, M.K. Ermakov, A.Y. Gerasimov Applying dynamic analysis to programs running in interpreted environments pp. 135-148.

S.P. Vartanov, A.Y. Gerasimov, M.K. Ermakov, D.O. Kutz, A.A. Novikov Dynamic analysis of programs with graphical user interface based on symbolic execution pp. 149-166.

A.D. Tatarnikov A Survey of Methods and Tools for Test Program Generation for Microprocessors pp. 167-194.

M.U. Mandrykin, V.S. Mutilin Survey of memory modeling methods in static verification tools pp. 195-230.

R.S. Samarev Review of streaming processing field pp. 231-260.

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