Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 29, issue 2, 2017, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

I. Burdonov, A. Kossatchev Size of the memory for storage of ordered rooted graph pp. 7-26.

I. Burdonov, A. Kossatchev A general approach to solving problems on graphs by collective automata pp. 27-76.

E.M. Novikov Evolution of the Linux kernel pp. 77-96.

E.M. Novikov Static verification of operating system monolithic kernels pp. 97-116.

S.D. Kuznetsov Data Management: 25 Years of Forecasts pp. 117-160.

P.A. Parhomenko, A.A. Grigorev, N.A. Astrakhantsev A survey and an experimental comparison of methods for text clustering: application to scientific articles pp. 161-200.

C.E. Leyton-Pavez, J.M. Redondo, A.M. Tarquis-Alfonso, J.C. Gil-Martín, J.D. Tellez-Alvarez Fractal Analysis of Growing Cities and its Relationship with Health Centre Distribution pp. 201-214.

J.M. Redondo, J.D. Tellez-Alvarez, J.M. Sanchez Turbulent convection by thermoelectricity in a cooling-heating didactive device pp. 215-230.

A.S. Anichkin, V.A. Semenov Mathematical formalization of project scheduling problems pp. 231-256.

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