Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 29, issue 6, 2017, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

Kozachok A.V., Kochetkov E.V. Verified program code execution system prototype pp. 7-24.

Zakharov I.S., Novikov E.M. Incremental development of environment model and requirement specifications for subsystems of operating system monolithic kernels pp. 25-48.

Efremov D.V., Mandrykin M.U. Formal Verification of Linux Kernel Library Functions pp. 49-76.

Efimov V.Yu., Bezzubikov A.A., Bogomolov D.A., Goremykin O.V., Padaryan V.A. Automation of device and machine development for QEMU pp. 77-104.

Mikhailov A.A., Hmelnov A.E. Delphi object files decompiler pp. 105-116.

Yakimov I.A., Kuznetsov A.S. Searching for missing library function calls using machine learning pp. 117-134.

Kogtenkov A.V. Null safety benchmarks for object initialization pp. 135-150.

Fedotov A.N., Kaushan V.V., Gaissaryan S.S., Kurmangaleev Sh.F. Building security predicates for some types of vulnerabilities pp. 151-162.

Nurmukhametov A.R., Zhabotinskiy E.A., Kurmangaleev Sh. F., Gaissaryan S.S., Vishnyakov A.V. Fine-grained address space layout randomization on program load pp. 163-182.

Zelenova S.A., Zelenov S.V. Non-conflict scheduling criterion for strict periodic tasks pp. 183-202.

Axenova E.L., Shvetsova V.V., Borisenko O.D., Bogomolov I.V. Openstack Keystone identification service drop-in replacement pp. 203-212.

Kuzyrin N.N., Lazarev D.O. Analysis of size of the largest dense subgraph of random hypergraph pp. 213-220.

Lazarev D.O., Kuzyrin N.N. An algorithm for Multiple Strip Package and its average case evaluation pp. 221-228.

Grushin D.A., Kuzjurin N.N. Optimization problems running MPI-based HPC applications pp. 229-244.

Nikitin M.N. Simulation of mixed convection over horizontal plate pp. 245-252.

Lukashin P.S., Melnikova V.G., Strijhak S.V., Shcheglov G.A. The method of solving aeroelasticity problems for wind blade using open source software pp. 253-270.

Koterov V.N, Krivtsov V.M., Zubov V.I. Software package to calculate the aerodynamic characteristics of aircrafts pp. 271-288.

Tellez-Alvarez J., Gomez M., Russo B. Image processing technique for hydraulic application pp. 289-298.

Ryakhovskiy A.I., Schmidt A.A., Antonov V.I. Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Non-equilibrium Flow with Applied Magnetic Field pp. 299-310.

Sánchez-Cordero E., Gómez M., Bladé E. Three-dimensional numerical analysis of a dam-break using OpenFOAM pp. 311-320.

Avdeev E.V., Volkova K.A., Ovchinnikov V.A. Final drive lubrication modeling pp. 321-330.

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