Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 30, issue 2, 2018, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

Stolyarov A.V., Frantsuzov O.G., Anikina A.S. Pure Compiled Execution as a Programming Paradigm pp. 7-24.

Bugerya A.B., Kim E.S., Solovev M.A. Parallelization of implementations of purely sequential algorithms pp. 25-44.

Lozov P., Boulytchev D. Conversion Typed Functions into Relational Form pp. 45-64.

Fokina N.Yu., Solovev M.A. Automated generation of machine instruction decoders pp. 65-80.

Gonakhchyan V.I. Occlusion culling algorithm based on software visibility checks pp. 81-98.

Efanov D.V., Sapozhnikov V.V., Sapozhnikov Vl.V., Pivovarov D.V. The organization of the totally self-checking integrated control circuit based on the Boolean complement method up to «2-out-of-4» constant-weight code pp. 99-112.

Nikeshin A.V., Shnitman V.Z. The review of Extensible Authentication Protocol and its methods pp. 113-148.

Azimov R.Sh., Grigorev S.V. Path querying using conjunctive grammars pp. 149-166.

Burdonov I.B., Kossatchev A.S. Directed distributed system: Backtracking problem pp. 167-194.

Sytnik A.A., Shulga T.E., Danilov N.A. Ontology of the “Software Usability” Domain pp. 195-214.

Gilyazev R.A., Turdakov D.Y. Active learning and crowdsourcing: a survey of annotation optimization methods pp. 215-250.

Nuzhny A.S., Prozorov A.A., Bugaev V.I., Shuvalov N.D., Podumov V.V. Ballistocardiogram analysis on edge computing nodes pp. 251-262.

Smirnova E.V., Marchevsky I.K., Bondarchuk V.O. Axisymmetric viscous incompressible flow simulation by using the Particle finite element PFEM-2 method in the open source Kratos code pp. 263-284.

Korchagova V.N., Fufaev I.N., Sautkina S.M., Lukin V.V. On 2D gas dynamics simulation using RKDG method on structured rectangular meshes pp. 285-300.

Avdeeva A.N., Puzikova V.V. Application of parallel algorithms for numerical simulation of quasi-one dimensional blood flow pp. 301-316.

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