Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 30, issue 3, 2018, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

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Table of Contents

Asryan S.A., Gaissaryan S.S., Kurmangaleev Sh. F., Aghabalyan A.М., Hovsepyan N.H., Sargsyan S.S. Dynamic detection of Use After Free bugs pp. 7-20.

Dudina I.A. Buffer Overflow Detection via Static Analysis: Expectations vs. Reality pp. 21-30.

Lesovoy S.L. Extracting architectural information from source code of ARINC 653-compatible application software using CEGAR-based approach pp. 31-46.

Trifanov V.Yu. Applying synchronization contracts approach for dynamic detection of data races in industrial applications pp. 47-62.

Chebykin A.E., Kirilenko I.A. Applying Deep Learning to C# Call Sequence Synthesis pp. 63-86.

M.A. Abakumov., P.M. Dovgalyuk Stealth debugging of programs in Qemu emulator with WinDbg debugger pp. 87-92.

Ivanov A.V., Dovgaluk P.M., Makarov V.A. Configurable system call tracer in QEMU emulator pp. 93-98.

Lavrischeva E.M., Pakulin N.V., Ryzhov A.G., Zelenov S.V. Analysis of methods for assessing the reliability of equipment and systems. Practice of methods pp. 99-120.

Cheptsov V.Yu., Khoroshilov A.V. In-Kernel Memory-Mapped I/O Device Emulation pp. 121-134.

Mallachiev K.A., Khoroshilov A.V. Building Modular Real-time software from Unified Component Model pp. 135-148.

A.A. Andryukhin Methods of protecting decentralized autonomous organizations from crashes and attacks pp. 149-164.

Prokopev S.E. Cryptographic Stack Machine Notation One pp. 165-182.

Lebedev D.A., Stotland I.A. Construction of validation modules based on reference functional models in a standalone verification of communication subsystem pp. 183-194.

Petrochenkov M.V., Mushtakov R.E., Shpagilev D.I. Verification of System on Chip Integrated Communication Controllers pp. 195-206.

Zosimov V.V., Khrystodorov O.V., Bulgakova O.S. Dynamically changing user interfaces: software solutions based on automatically collected user information pp. 207-220.

Gordenko M.K., Avdoshin S.M. The Variants of Chinese Postman Problems and Way of Solving through Transformation into Vehicle Routing Problems pp. 221-232.

Beresneva E., Avdoshin S. Analysis of Mathematical Formulations of Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem and Methods for their Solution pp. 233-250.

Beresneva E., Gordenko M. Applying the methods of system analysis to teaching assistants evaluation pp. 251-270.

Ilyin D.V., Fokina N.Yu., Semenov V.A. Static dependency analysis for semantic data validation pp. 271-284.

Nesterov R.A., Mitsyuk A.A., Lomazova I.A. Simulating Behavior of Multi-Agent Systems with Acyclic Interactions of Agents pp. 285-302.

Gnatenko A.R., Zakharov V.A. On the model checking of finite state transducers over semigroups pp. 303-324.

Vinarskii E.M., Zakharov V.A. On the verification of strictly deterministic behaviour of Timed Finite State Machines pp. 325-340.

Slovokhotov Yu.L., Neretin I.S. Toward construction of a modular model of distributed intelligence pp. 341-362.

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