Proceedings of ISP RAS

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming. Volume 32, issue 1, 2020, ISSN 2220-6426 (Online), ISSN 2079-8156 (Print).

Edited by Corresponding Member of RAS A.I. Avetisyan

Table of Contents

Devyanin P.N., Kuliamin V.V., Petrenko A.K., Khoroshilov A.V., Shchepetkov I.V. Integrating RBAC, MIC, and MLS in Verified Hierarchical Security Model for Operating System pp. 7-26

Burenkov V. S., Kulagin D. A. A Mandatory Integrity Control Model for the KasperskyOS Operating System pp. 27-56

Barladian B.Kh., Shapiro L.Z., Mallachiev K.A., Khoroshilov A.V., Solodelov Y.A., Voloboy A.G., Galaktionov V.A., Koverninskiy I.V.. Rendering System for the Aircraft Real-Time OS JetOS pp. 57-70

Denisov E.Y., Voloboy A.G., Birukov E.D., Kopylov M.S., Kalugina I.A. Technologies for automatic testing of a software package for realistic computer graphics pp. 71-88

Zvezdakova A.V., Kulikov D.L., Zvezdakov S.V., Vatolin D.S. BSQ-rate: a new approach for video-codec performance comparison and drawbacks of current solutions pp. 89-108

Voronin A.V. Augmented reality when visualizing data using «golden» section properties pp. 109-120

Shtekhin S.E., Karachev D.K., Ivanova Yu.A. Computer vision system for Working time estimation by Human Activities detection in video frames pp. 121-136

Apishev M.A. Effective implementations of topic modeling algorithms pp. 137-152

Kuznetsov S.D. In anticipation of native DBMS architectures based on non-volatile main memory pp. 153-180

Ali N.M., Novikov B.A. Big Data: Analytical Solutions, Research Challenges and Trends pp. 181-204

Pantilimonov M.V., Buchatskiy R.A., Zhuykov R.A. Machine code caching in PostgreSQL query JIT-compiler pp. 205-220

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