Applying Model Based Testing in Different Contexts.

Applying Model Based Testing in Different Contexts.


V.Kuliamin, A.K.Petrenko.


We describe ISP RAS experience in applications of model based testing in various areas. The two different examples are considered - UniTesK test development technology aimed at software component testing and OTK tool intended to be used in test development for complex structured text processors, the main example of which is compilers. The surprising fact is that the two methods used in the tools have different prerequisites for successful applications in industrial software
development. This demonstrates possibility to change those prerequisites by changing the technical aspects of the method applied. Both techniques were developed in RedVerst group of ISP RAS.

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software component testing, compiler testing, testing based on software contracts, testing based on finite automata, test data generation.


Proc. of Seminar on Perspectives on Model Based Testing, Dagstuhl, Germany, September 2004.

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