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Formal Methods: for All or for Chosen?


V. V. Kuliamin, V. A. Omelchenko, O. L. Petrenko.


The article presents an approach to teaching formal methods that may make them accessible for ordinary software engineers, especially those who are not skilled in the underlying mathematics. The approach is based on two ideas. First, we propose modification of course contents to hide the underlying mathematical techniques under some terms and actions familiar to the engineer or student learning the corresponding application domain. This usually requires availability of mature tools supporting formal methods under consideration. Second, we modify the presentation of course material and focuse mostly on active learning and more deep students’ involvement in the learning process. This approach was successfully used in traditional courses and trainings in UniTESK, a test development technology based on formal specifications.

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formal methods, teaching formal methods, active learning, cooperative learning, critical thinking pedagogical framework.


Proceedings of 1-st CSEDU, Lisboa, Portugal, 2009, pp. 217-222.

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