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Ontological Approach to the Formal Specification of the Standard Life Cycle.


Lavrischeva Ekaterina.


Approach is offered to the formal specification of Standard Life Cycle (LC) of the program systems (PS) by the ontology facilities with purpose automation and generation of the variants LC for making the appropriate kinds process for development different PS. Ontological approach to presentation LC model of the standard ISO/IEC 12207-2007 is included the specification of general, organizational and support processes. These processes are presented in the subject-oriented DSL, which than transformed to XML for realization. One of the processes, the testing process is given in terms of Protégé systems. An eventual result of this system Protégé got generally at accepted to the XML, suitable for implementation tasks testing PS on computer.

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DSL, Protégé, XML, actions, description, model of life cycle, ontology, processes, task, testing, the life cycle standard


"Science and Information Conference-2015", Jule 28-30, London, UK, p.965-972.

DOI: 10.1109/SAI.2015.7237259

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