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Ontology of Domains. Ontological Description Software Engineering Domain—The Standard Life Cycle


Ekaterina M. Lavrischeva.


Basic concepts and notions of ontological description of domains are implemented in the conceptual model being understandable to ordinary users of this domain. Ontological approach is used for the presentation of software engineering domain—Life Cycle (LC) ISO/IEC 12207 with the aim to automate LC processes and to generate different variants of LC for development systems. And the second aim of Conceptual Model must teach the student to standard process LC, which includes
general, organizational and supported processes. These processes are presented in graphical terms of DSL, which are transformed to XML for processing systems in the modern environment (IBM, VS.Net, JAVA and so on). The testing process is given in ontology terms of Protégé systems, and semantics of tasks of this process is implemented in Ruby. Domain ontology LC is displayed by the several students of MIPT Russia and Kiev National University as laboratory practicum course
“Software Engineering”.

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Ontology, Life Cycle, Models, Processes, Actions, Tasks, Testing, DSL, XML, Protégé


The Standard Life Cycle, Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2015, 8, p.1-15.

DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2015.87033

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