Smart Context Generation for Disambiguation to Wikipedia

Smart Context Generation for Disambiguation to Wikipedia


Andrey Sysoev Irina Nikishina


Wikification is a crucial NLP task that aims to identify en- tities in text and disambiguate their meaning. Being partially solved for English, the problem still remains fairly untouched for Russian. In this article we present a novel approach to Disambiguation to Wikipedia applied to the Russian language. Inspired by the Neural Machine Trans- lation task our method implements encoder-decoder neural network ar- chitecture. It allows to translate text tokens into concept embeddings that are subsequently used as context for disambiguation. In order to test our hypothesis we add our context feature to GLOW system con- sidered a baseline. Moreover, we present commonly available dataset for the Disambiguation to Wikipedia task.

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Disambiguation to Wikipedia, Wikification for Russian, Encoder-decoder neural network architecture, Concept embeddings


7th International Conference, AINL 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 17–19, 2018

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