SciNoon: Exploratory Search System for Scientific Groups

SciNoon: Exploratory Search System for Scientific Groups


Y.R. Nedumov, A.V. Babichev, I.D. Mashonsky, N.V. Semina


Exploratory search task poses three challenges to search engines: low specifity of the search goal, long duration of the search and hard to consume search results. Exploratory searches are iterative, multi-tactical and better performed by groups.

We present the demonstration of the first prototype of the exploratory search system for scientific groups. Its main goal is to help with collection of scientific articles related to a scientific group’s current project. We tried to meet all exploratory search challenges with focus on support of team work.

SciNoon provides a shared workspace where articles could be collected and annotated. The workspace could be visualized either as an interactive graphical research map or as a table. The research map shows citation relations between articles and could be used for better understanding of the structure of the field. The search progress could be estimated using article coloring by values of their attributes. SciNoon also simplifies keyword search extracting possible keywords from already collected articles and integrating them with existing search engines by the browser plugin.

Using SciNoon the members of a scientific group can search, collect, and process articles and get notifications about each other’s progress by the chat bot.


Joint Proceedings of the ACM IUI 2019 Workshops

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