Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Nikolay N. Kuzyurin

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Nikolay N. Kuzyurin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor
Scopus Author ID: 6507316371
Russian Science Citation Index: 46


Head of the Theoretical Computer Science Department of ISP RAS


E-mail: nnkuz@ispras.ru
Adress: 25 Alexander Solzjenitsin str., Moscow, Russia, 109004

Research Areas

  • Mathematical Methods of Information Security;
  • Discrete Math;
  • Efficient Algorithms.


Habilitation (second degree), 1997;
PhD, 1980;
Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1974.


Lecturer: Courses taught at Moscow State University, High School of Economics and MIPT (fiz-tex).

  • Complexity of combinatorial algorithms
  • Efficient algorithms and complexity theory

Visiting professor

  • Lulea University of Technology (Sweden)
  • Likoping University (Sweden)
  • Bielifeld University (Germany)
  • Illinois University at Urbana-Shampaign (USA)


Nikolay N. Kuzyurin. Habilitation (second degree) Thesis: Combinatorial covering and packing problems and related integer programming problems, 1997.

Nikolay N. Kuzyurin. PhD thesis: Asymptotical investigation of set covering problem, 1980.


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Selected publications

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