Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Victor Z. Shnitman

Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof.

Victor Z. Shnitman, Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-1509-0972
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Deputy Director of ISP RAS;
Head of the Computing Systems Architecture Department of ISP RAS;
Senior Researcher of ISP RAS.


E-mail: vzs@ispras.ru
Adress:25 Alexander Solzjenitsin str., Moscow, Russia, 109004

Research Areas

  • The Architecture of Computer Systems and Networks;
  • Open Systems;
  • Databases;
  • Standards;
  • Protocols.


Victor Z. Shnitman graduated from the faculty of Automation and Computer Technology of Moscow Institute for Electronic Machinery at 1968 and from the faculty of Applied Mathematics of the same institute at 1971. Received Ph.D. degree at 1979. The topic of Ph.D. thesis was Research and Development of Methods for Program and Data Protection for Distributed Computing System AS-6. Doctor of Sciences from 1991. The topic of the doctor thesis was Research and Development of Processor Units of Supercomputer Electronica-SSBIS.

1998 – 2015 deputy director of the Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences. Current position is chief of computer system architecture's department.

Participated and managed for several large projects: Modernizing of BESM-6 (1968-1969); Design and Development of the Central Processor of the AS-6 Distributed Computing System (1969-1980); Design of General Architecture and Development of the Electronica-SSBIS Supercomputer System (1980-1990); Design and Development of Diagnostic Subsystem for Electronica-SSBIS (1988-1993).

Beginning 1994 the main research directions were effective implementation of network architectures and hardware platforms for LANs and WANs. In particular research of features of IPv6 protocol suite, implementation of IPv4/IPv6 translation mechanisms (SIIT, NAT-PT), as well as verification and testing of distributed systems and implementations of IPv6, Mobile IPv6, IPsec and TLS security protocols in particular.

Participated in numerous conferences and workshops, published more than 65 papers in scientific journals and numerous papers in newsletters. The main scientific interests are computer and network system architecture, telecommunications, program and data protection and security, computer and network diagnostics.

From 1982 the professor of the faculty of Electronic and Optoelectronic Technologies and the faculty of Cybernetics of Moscow Institute for Radiotechniques, Electronics, and Automation. From 1996 the professor of the faculty of Control and Applied Mathematics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Have read courses on various topics related with computer and network systems organization.

RFBR projects

  • Project 99-07-90220-в. Implementation of an Ipv4 <-> Ipv6 Protocol Translator in the open Linux environment.
  • Project 00-07-90101-в. Implementation of an Ipv4 <-> Ipv6 Protocol Translator in the open FreeBSD environment.
  • Project 01-07-90399-в. Provision of IPv4 and IPv6 protocol compatibility by means of stateful address translation.
  • Project 02-07-90339-в. Design of application level gateways DNS-ALG and FTP-ALG for IPv4 and IPv6 network interconnection and implementation of a toolset for network software testing.
  • Project 04-07-90308-в. Verification of mobility and security functions of IP protocols.
  • Project 07-07-00243-а. The verification of security functions for the new IPsec v2 protocol.
  • Project 10-07-00145-а. Verification of implementations of extendable Internet protocols.
  • Project 13-07-00869-а. Development of a method to evaluate robustness of security protocols against attacks.
  • Project 16-07-00603-а. The verification of security functionality of the EAP authentication protocol and evaluation of the robustness of its implementations against attacks.


Lecturer: Course taught at Department of Control and Applied Mathematics of MIPT "Modern Computers and Computer Networks" (4-th Course of Bachelor’s degree program and 1-t Course of Master’s degree program).


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