Новости ИСП РАН

Новости ИСП РАН

02 Июля, 2019

8 июля 2019 года в 11:00 в ИСП РАН состоится научный семинар по системному программированию

Уважаемые сотрудники ИСП РАН!

8 июля 2019 года в 11:00 в Институте (ауд. 110) состоится научный семинар по системному программированию под руководством Аветисяна А.И.

Докладчик: Vassil Todorov, Embedded software architect/Executive PhD student, Groupe PSA/LRI, Paris, France.

Тема доклада: Formal methods applications for autonomous vehicles.

Аннотация: The increasing share of driver assistance functions, their criticality, as well as the prospect of certification of these functions, make it necessary to verify and validate them with a level of assurance that the test alone cannot provide. Since many years other industries such as aeronautics or railways have been subjected to equivalent contexts. To meet certain constraints they have locally implemented formal methods. The Groupe PSA (Peugeot, Citro?n, Opel) is experimenting with different formal techniques to determine which ones would be relevant, for which type of development, and the impact of their deployment on the process. This presentation gives an overview of the formal techniques tested on embedded code actually used in production, gives a summary of the results and offers some perspectives for the future.

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