Институт системного программирования им. В.П. Иванникова РАН

Make Social Networks Clean Again: Graph Embedding and Stacking Classifiers for Bot Detection


K. Skorniakov, D. Turdakov, and A. Zhabotinsky


The paper introduces a novel approach to the detection of social bots using ensembling of classifiers. We also studied the impact of different feature sets and demonstrated the power of graph em- bedding which is underused by the existing methods. The main contribution of this work is a creating of a stacking based ensem- ble, which effectively exploits text and graph features. Empirical evaluation proved the effectiveness of the proposed method for bots detection and showed improvement in comparison to existing solutions by 4-9 points of AUC.

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social network, ensemble, bot detection, graph embedding, stacking


2nd International Workshop on Rumours and Deception in Social Media (RDSM)

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