Институт системного программирования им. В.П. Иванникова РАН

A TLM-based approach to functional verification of hardware components at different abstraction levels.


M. Chupilko, A. Kamkin.


Verification has long been recognized as an integral part of the hardware design process. When designing a system, engineers usually use various design representations and concretize them step by step up to a physical layout. At the beginning of the process, when there is much of indeterminacy, only abstract reference models are applicable to verification; when the process is close to the end, more concrete ones can be utilized. The article concerns problems of developing reusable verification systems (testbenches), which can be used to analyze different versions of the same component at different abstraction levels. We suggest an approach to construct reusable reaction checkers basing on a concept of Transaction Level Modeling (TLM). The paper includes general description of the approach, considers several particular cases, and outlines our experience.

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hardware design; functional verification; simulationbased- verification; co-simulation; testbench automation; reaction checking; transaction level modeling (TLM).


Test Workshop (LATW), 2011 12th Latin American, 1-6.

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