Seminar on software engineering “Software Development & Analysis Technologies”

Seminar on software engineering “Software Development & Analysis Technologies”

The seminar is devoted to modern problems of software engineering, tools and methods of developing, program analysis and verification. Topics discussed in the seminar include:

  • Requirements engineering, analysis and modeling;
  • Paradigms for computers modeling;
  • System engineering;
  • Software architecture;
  • Static and dynamic program analysis;
  • Dynamic verification and monitoring;
  • Automatic test case generation;
  • Verification completeness analysis;
  • Performance modeling, measuring and testing;
  • Security and safety analysis;
  • Integration of verification methods;
  • Problems of propagation of new technologies to software engineering practices;
  • Problems of teaching software development and analysis;

The seminar is intended to students, researchers, engineers, industrial experts. The most important companies claim to take part in the seminar, including Intel, Microsoft, Яндекс, i.e.

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Software Engineering

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