Computing Systems Architecture Department

About Computing Systems Architecture Department

The department of Computing Systemы Architecture was organized in 1994 from the department of Computer Architecture of the Institute for Cybernetics Problems Russian Academy of Science. Employees of the department took part in a number of famous large-scale projects such as: design and implementation of BESM-6 in 1962-1968, design and deployment of heterogeneous distributed computational system AS-6 in 1968-1980, architecture design and creation of supercomputer system Elektronoka SSBIS in 1980-1990, development of diagnostics subsystem for supercomputer Elektronika SSBIS in 1990-1993.

Starting from the year 1994 the main directions of the department research activities have been connected with effective implementation of network architectures and hardware platforms for local and global networks.

The main results of department’s research include the following:

  • Creation of information system for ISP RAS covering main aspects of its work and using web technologies.
  • Study of firewall building principles and implementation of ISP RAS local network protection from unauthorized access from the outside.
  • Study of IPv6 protocol and development of software gateways IPv4/IPv6 in open operation systems.
  • Verification of security and mobility functions of IP protocols.