The Department of system programming of CMC MSU

The Department of system programming of CMC MSU

The Department of system programming was founded in 1970 during the creation of CMC faculty, the first Department chairman was a distinguished MSU professor, RANS academician M.R. Shura-Bura (1918–2008). The RAS academician, professor, doctor of physics and mathematics V.P. Ivannikov is the chairman since 1994.

The Department trains specialists in information technologies with more deep knowledge in the following areas: general problems of software engineering and information security, architecture of system software including operational systems, compilers, database management systems, telecommunication software and middleware.

Along with base lecture courses students learn about base software engineering technologies and special courses on software development architecture and methods. The important role in training of specialists is played by special workshops and specialized department practical work. A set of special courses supported by the practical work creates a fundament for training high-skilled specialists, who are able to create and support software systems of different scale and difficulty, both in public and commercial organizations. The main topic of department special workshops includes the following research trends: distributed object-oriented systems, programs analysis and optimization, programs verification and validation, distributed information systems and digital libraries, operational systems and programming languages for distributed computing systems, planning of goal-oriented activity, database technologies, Grid technologies, CASE technologies. During many years the Department has been successfully cooperating with the Institute for system programming of the RAS, Keldysh institute of applied mathematics of the RAS, Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the RAS and other organizations.

The Scientific and educational centre for system programming

In 2006 by joint decision of ISP RAS, MIPT and CMC MSU heads, in order to unite efforts and resources of the participants on the base of scientific researches and effective utilization of innovative capabilities for training, retraining and skill development of specialists in modern information technologies area, the Scientific and educational centre for system programming was created, one of the tasks of which was to train the highest skill specialists. Weekly scientific workshops for MIPT and CMC MSU students are held in the ISP RAS under the guidance of base department lecturers.

The ISP RAS supports active communication with leading international scientific centers, including UNO/IIST (UNO, Macao), Fraunhofer (Germany), INRIA (France), RAL (UK), NPS (USA). Furthermore, the institute performs scientific researches by orders and grant projects of huge foreign commercial companies Nortel (Canada), Telelogic (Sweden), Microsoft Research (UK), Intel (USA), HP (USA), Samsung (South Korea) etc. Students and postgraduates are regularly involved in these activities. The department students participate in Russian and international conferences, scientific schools. Many students have several scientific publications by the moment of completing master course, which allows them to continue their education as postgraduates.