The Department of system programming of MIPT

The Department of system programming of MIPT

The Department of system programming is created on the base of the Institute for system programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) in 1995 with the goal to improve the MIPT students’ knowledge basis on modern computer technologies, the base of which is the system programming.

Te head of the Department is the director of the ISP RAS, the MIPT graduate, Ivannikov Viktor Petrovich, RAS academician, doctor of physics and mathematics (1980) with a degree in «Mathematic and software provision of computing machines and systems» – 05.13.11, professor (1986) with a degree in « Mathematic and software provision of computing machines and systems » – 05.13.11.

The Department carries on traditions, laid down by the MPTI founding fathers. These traditions, first of all, include the possibility of wide students’ involvement in researches and developments carried out in departments and laboratories of the base institute under grant projects of national and international organizations, programs of the Russian Academy of Sciences, projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, contracts with national and foreign companies. It is the students’ work, complementing the adoption of the educational material, which allows the acquirement of necessary skills, knowledge and teamwork experience that aids the training of highly skilled specialists in system programming.

The Scientific and educational centre for system programming

In 2006 by joint decision of ISP RAS, MIPT and CMC MSU heads, in order to unite efforts and resources of the participants on the base of scientific researches and effective utilization of innovative capabilities for training, retraining and skill development of specialists in modern information technologies area, the Scientific and educational centre for system programming was created, one of the tasks of which was to train the highest skill specialists. Weekly scientific workshops for MIPT and CMC MSU students are held in the ISP RAS under the guidance of base department lecturers.

The ISP RAS supports active communication with leading international scientific centers, including UNO/IIST (UNO, Macao), Fraunhofer (Germany), INRIA (France), RAL (UK), NPS (USA). Furthermore, the institute performs scientific researches by orders and grant projects of huge foreign commercial companies Nortel (Canada), Telelogic (Sweden), Microsoft Research (UK), Intel (USA), HP (USA), Samsung (South Korea) etc. Students and postgraduates are regularly involved in these activities. The department students participate in Russian and international conferences, scientific schools. Many students have several scientific publications by the moment of completing master course, which allows them to continue their education as postgraduates.