Software Engineering Department

About Software Engineering Department

The spectrum of the research of the Institute in the field of technology development and analysis of programs covers a broad range of software and system engineering problems, theoretical and applied computer science. They aims at the methods development and tools creation that allow to support or even to automate work processes and processes of different phases of the life cycle of creation and maintenance of software and software-hardware systems.

R&D area:

Software systems modeling

  • Languages and tools for modeling of architecture and the behavior of systems.
  • Theoretical methods of analysis of conformity of behavior models.
  • Information security models.

Verification of software, hardware and software-hardware systems

  • Model-based testing.
  • Testing of math libraries.
  • Tools and technology of software model checking.
  • Tools and technology of deductive verification.
  • Configuration testing.
  • Verification of microprocessors and digital hardware.

Operating Systems

  • Methods of testing and verification of Linux kernel components, including drivers.
  • Hypervisors, virtualization tools for the analysis and programs protection.
  • Methods of specifications and testing of Linux libraries.
  • Methods of analysis of the compatibility of Linux developing libraries.
  • Methods for measuring the temporal characteristics of the operating system.
  • Mechanisms of information security and the protection of the operating system.

Embedded systems and real-time systems, telecommunication protocols, distributed systems

  • Requirements management tools.
  • Modeling and design of critical systems.
  • Analysis of functional, temporal and resource characteristics of systems.
  • Testing of mobile telephony infrastructure.

R & D groups and leaders:

1. Dr. Alexander K. Petrenko - Head of Software Engineering Department of Institute for System Programming RAS, Professor, Doctor of Science.

Alexey Khoroshilov - Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

  • Operating systems.
  • Embedded systems and real-time systems.

2. Vitaly Omelchenko - Researcher,

Vladimir Fedotov - Researche.r

  • Testing of mobile telephony infrastructure.

Igor Burdonov - Senior Researcher, Doctor of Science,

Alexander Kossatchev - Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

  • Theory of conformance of program models.

Alexander Kamkin, Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

  • Verification of microprocessors and digital hardware.

Nikolay Pakulin, Senior Researcher, Ph.D.

  • Telecommunication protocols;
  • Hypervisors, virtualization tools for the analysis and protection of programs.


Dr. Alexander K. Petrenko, Professor, Head of the Department.
Phone: +7(495) 912-56-59 (ext. 404). Room: 215.

Irina Vivcharuk.
Phone: +7(495) 912-56-59 (ext. 422). Room: 202.