The Open Conference of the ISPRAS

During The Open Conference of the ISPRAS a number of events is arranged, devoted to sectors of IT-industry in which ISP RAS possesses a many years’ experience of fundamental researches conduction, innovative technologies development and implementation, together with partners (Samsung, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DELL, NVIDIA, etc.), of certain projects on introduction the developed technologies in the industry.

Spring Young Researchers Colloquium on Software Engineering (SYRCoSE)

SYRCoSE is a colloquium on software engineering targeted at young researchers (students, postgraduates, young PhD specialists, etc.). The main goal of the colloquium is to help young specialists to meet each other, to get more information on work of their colleagues, to exchange their experience, and to practice in presenting their results at international conferences and workshops. All works are reviewed by the committee. The working language of the colloquium is English.

Linux Driver Verification Workshop

The workshop provides an opportunity to share experience and to establish collaboration between different projects in the domain.

Seminar on software engineering “Software Development & Analysis Technologies”

The seminar is devoted to modern problems of software engineering, tools and methods of developing, program analysis and verification.

Scientific and Practical Conference of Developers OS "OS Day"

On the conference OS Day Russian IT specialists present the domestic development of the system and software tools, discuss the possibility of the joint development of Russian software products, problems of import substitution in software.