BizQuery - XML-based Virtual Data Integration System

BizQuery - XML-based Virtual Data Integration System

Start of project – 2000. End of project - 2003.

BizQuery is a package of servers and tools for application development in presence of heterogeneous data sources. The main component of the package is BizQuery Integration Server, which is for querying across multiple heterogeneous databases in XQuery language. BizQuery Integration Server supports the notion of global schema defined in XML. A global schema is created to represent a particular application domain and data sources are mapped as views on the global schema. BizQuery supports virtual approach: the user asks a query over the global schema and the data integration system reformulates this into a query over the data sources and executes it. The main technical features of BizQuery are as follows:

  • Support of open standards ensures ease of programming and effortless integration with the existing applications (XML, XML name spaces, XSLT, XQuery, OMG XMI, OMG UML, etc.).
  • Accessibility via a two level interface offers two ways to query data: in terms of XML as well as in terms of the UML-based model.
  • XQuery support appeals to the customer by XQuery-s expressiveness.
  • Automatic but customized generation of three kinds of the end user query interfaces (i.e. forms, graphic map for querying with the support of a user friendly UML notation, catalogs).
  • Easy interaction from any language and environments using SOAP. This open web service interface enables easy integration for your applications written in any language (Java, VB, Perl, C/C++, C#, Python).

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