Casr: crash analysis and severity reporting tool

Casr: crash analysis and severity reporting tool

Casr creates automatic reports for crashes happened during program testing or deployment. The tool works by analyz-ing Linux coredump files. The resulting reports contain the crash’s severity and additional data that is helpful for pin-pointing the error cause.

Features and advantages

Casr solves the same problem as Apport, an open source system, but in contrast with it, Casr estimates a crash’s sever-ity and provides a list of open files and network connections at a crash time.

Casr provides:

  • Detecting critical program faults that can lead to hijacking control flow.
  • Classifying crashes into one of 23 classes based on a pro-gram state at a crash time (function return address corruption, null pointer dereference etc.). Fatal errors are further grouped based on severity, such as exploitable, potentially exploitable, or denial of service errors.
  • Collecting a list of open files and network connections that could be the reason of a crash.
  • An extended crash report containing the fatal error’s severity and other data (OS and package versions, executed com-mand line, call stack, open files and network connections, register state etc.).
  • Reports for hard to reproduce crashes such as non-determin-istic errors, cases when the original execution environment is hard or impossible to reconstruct etc.).
  • Integration with monitoring tools (such as Zabbix) that allows system administrators and devops to receive on the fly notifi-cations about critical program crashes.

Who is Casr target audience?

  • Companies that need to receive the data regarding user-de-ployed programs’ crashes to develop high reliability and security software.
  • Companies that need to certify the developed software.
  • Certification laboratories.

Casr deployment stories

Casr is deployed in a number of Russian companies and ven-dors as an add-on tool to ISP Crusher. Casr will be included in the Crusher distribution within the next two years.

System requirements

Linux-based OS for x86, x86-64, or ARMv7. Casr can be de-ployed as a deb package.

Casr workflow

Casr workflow scheme


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