Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Development of hardware and software platform "Virtual Supercomputer" which provides virtualized high-performance computing.

Start of project – 2012. End of project - 2013. Customer - The Ministry of Education and Science.

"Virtual supercomputer" software was developed in this project. The software complex is developed in free software model and is based on open source code components. Key components of the complex are:

  1. Virtual Machines Monitor, intended for organizing VM work within one computation node. The Monitor provides effective VM implementation using virtualization technology. The monitor is based on KVM hypervisor and QEMU platform emulator.
  2. Distributed system of virtualized computation resources management. The system is based on the Openstack cloud platform; however it supports a range of functions required for high-performance computing.
  3. Distributed system for reliable data storage organization. The system provides object and block storage as well as DBMS. The system is based on the Openstack platform, CERN file system, PostgreSQL DBMS. The system provides automatic replication of stored data.
  4. Distributed tool for pre-installed operating system and software images organization and management. The tool allows organizing VM images catalogues. The tool is based on the Openstack Image system.
  5. Distributed service system, providing user interface and web-interface for access to complex being developed.
  6. The key feature of the software complex is the orientation at the effective high-performance tasks solution in cloud. Performance achieved in virtual supercomputer is no less than 90% measured on the same hardware without virtualization.

The project was implemented under the Program "Research and development in priority areas of Russia scientific and technological complex development for 2007-2013".


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