Intelligent Services for Energy-Efficient Design and Life Cycle Simulation.

Intelligent Services for Energy-Efficient Design and Life Cycle Simulation.

Start of project – 2012. End of project - 2014. Customer - EU Comission Grant EU FP7-ICT-2011-7, agreement number 288819..

The objective of the project is to develop ICT building blocks to integrate, complement and empower existing tools for design and operation management to a Virtual Energy Lab (VEL) based on an interoperable ontology-supported platform. This will allow evaluating, simulating and optimizing the energy efficiency of products for built facilities and facility components in variations of real life scenarios before their realization, acknowledging the stochastic life-cycle nature.

Participants: Techinical University Dresden (Germany), Granlund Oy (Finland), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), SOFiSTiK Hellas AE (Greece), Innovation Center Reykjavik (Iceland), National Observatory of Athens (Greece), Leonhardt, Andra und Partner GmbH (Germany), Trimo D.D. (Slovenia), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Institute for System Programming RAS (Russia).

In the joint project ISP RAS has been responsible for the development of a product catalogue based on an ontology for unified energy aware prefabricated building elements representation as well as for implementation of intelligent web services for prefabricated building element selection, instantiation, consistency checking and configuration in the host facility.


System integration and multi-disciplinary collaborative environments

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