Start of project – 1997. End of project - 1998.

ISP C++ ORB is a free tool for development of distributed software. ORB plays the role of communicator between different components of distributed applications which can run on the different platforms. ISP C++ ORB is compliant with OMG Common Object Request Broker Architecture 2.0 (CORBA 2.0) standard. Implementation of IDL/C++ mapping superstructure developed by our group is also included. This superstructure can be applicated to any CORBA 2.0 compliant C++ ORB. It provides possibility to increase reliability and usage convenience of IDL/C++ mapping.  Implementation of ISP C++ ORB does not rely on new features of C++ language (such as exception handling and namespaces). And so it can be compiled by various C++ compiler versions (checked for g++ 2.7.2, 2.8, egcs). It can be installed on main Unix platforms and also on Windows 95/98/NT under CygWin (checked for version 20.1). This implementation supports both single-thread and multi-thread environments (CygWin doesn't support posit threads, so only single-thread variant for Windows platforms is available). ISP C++ ORB can be installed and used in both modes: as shared or not shared library.  You can download ISP ORB here.

More practical (and commercial) aspects of the work were related with cooperation with Nortel Networks company. By contract with the company Protel-2 ORB was developed for Nortel Networks Open Node project. Protel is the proprietary programming language of the Nortel. Object request broker for Protel-2 language is an example of broker, implemented for usage in the special environment of telecommunication module.


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