Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Research and development of methods to search for reusable code fragments (clones).

Start of project – 2015. Customer - RFBR.

Reuse of code fragments, often using in software development. At the level of the source code, it can be part of a program that performs a similar role, but copied with slight modifications. On the binary level it may be object files from libraries are included on the linking stage in the several executable files of the program. Search cases to reuse code or code clones, can be used to solve problems:

  1. Automated refactoring.
  2. Search for errors occurring due to incorrect handling dependencies when copying code.
  3. Search for functionally similar parts of the program in binary code.
  4. Search for pieces of code containing the error or vulnerability, using the description of the types of errors.

RFBR grant 15-07-07541 А.


Compiler Technology

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