Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

Supercomputer simulation of vortical unsteady turbulent flows and generated acoustic fields using open source software in application for aviation industry.

Start of project – 2013. End of project - 2013. Customer - The Ministry of Education and Science.

The idea of the project is to create a technological advance for development of effective method of unsteady near field turbulent flows simulation with accuracy required by engineering applications and a technological advance in area of software development for calculation of near field turbulent flows acoustic fields on hybrid architecture supercomputers.

A software implementing algorithms for supercomputer simulation of vortex unsteady turbulent gas flows and acoustic fields generated by them on the base of open source CFD library OpenFOAM was created under the project. Calculations of acoustic fields for industry-oriented problems in aviation were performed using the method developed during the research. In particular, simulations were performed for the following problems:

  • tandem of cylinders;
  • rectangular parallelepiped;
  • brake flap and fin of an aircraft;
  • brake flap and fin stationed on a body of an aircraft.

The project was implemented under the Program "Research and development in priority areas of Russia scientific and technological complex development for 2007-2013".


Compiler Technology

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