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Formal Conformance Testing of Systems with Refused Inputs and Forbidden Actions.


I.B.Bourdonov, A.S.Kossatchev, V.V.Kuliamin.


The article introduces an extension of the well-known conformance relation ioco on labeled transition systems (LTS) with refused inputs and forbidden actions. This extension helps to apply the usual formal testing theory based on LTS models to
incompletely specified systems, which are often met in practice. Another topic concerned in the article is compositional conformance. More precisely, we try to define a completion operation that turns any LTS into input-enabled one having the same
set of ioco-conforming implementations. Such a completion enforces preservation of ioco conformance by parallel composition operation on LTSes.

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Formal testing, conformance testing, LTS, implementation relation, refusals, ioco.


Proceedings of the Workshop on Model Based Testing (MBT 2004), Elsevier, 2006.

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