On a cardinality problem in object-oriented models.

On a cardinality problem in object-oriented models.


Ilyin D.I., Morozov S.V., Semenov V.A.


Problems of constraint logic programming on arbitrary object-oriented data sets (CLP(O)) are considered in this paper. The discussed statement assumes specification of a data model using one of object-oriented declarative languages and generation of an object collection that satisfies the model constraints. The considered problem can be applied to such important areas as model verification, test generation, data consistency management, and software system integration. One of the key algorithmic problems is a determination of cardinality for generated object extents. A formal method based on reduction to well-known linear programming statement is presented in the paper.


Proceedings of XVI Baikal Conference "Information and Mathematical Technologies in Science and Management". Vol 3. Publisher: ISEM SB RAS, 2011. Pp. 158-163.

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