WikifyMe: Creating Testbed for Wikifers.

WikifyMe: Creating Testbed for Wikifers.


Bartunov S., Boldakov A., Turdakov D.


Finding relationships between words in text and articles from Wikipedia is an extremely popular task known as wikification. However there is still no gold standard corpus for wikifiers comparison. We present WikifyMe, the online tool for collaborative work on universal test collection which allows users to easily prepare tests for two most difficult problems in wikification: word-sense disambiguation and keyphrase extraction.

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Wikipedia, natural languages processing, word sense disambiguation, keywords extraction, testing, collective work, crowdsourcing, Web tools, text preparatiion


Proceedings of SYRCoDIS'11: The Seventh Spring Researchers Colloquium on Databases and Information Systems, 2011, pp. 38-42.

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