Verification of object-oriented data models.

Verification of object-oriented data models.


Ilyin D.V., Morozov S.V., Semenov V.A.


Problems of verification of object-oriented data models at UML/OCL language are discussed in the paper. Existing approaches employ such formalisms as automatic theorem proving (using first-order logic), constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) methods, local propagation, SAT, and numerical solvers. High complexity and partial covering of modeling language semantics are main problems of these solutions, which make impossible their wide application in practice. Principles of a new approach based on decomposition of semantic constraints and enabling verification of large-scaled industrial data models are discussed.


Proceedings of XVII Baikal Conference "Information and Mathematical Technologies in Science and Management". Vol 2. Publisher: ISEM SB RAS, 2012. Pp. 123-130.

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