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Automatic construction and enrichment of informal ontologies: A survey.


Astrakhantsev N.A., Turdakov D.Y.


The conceptualization of knowledge required for an efficient processing of textual data is usually represented as ontologies. Depending on the knowledge domain and tasks, different types of ontologies are constructed: formal ontologies, which involve axioms and detailed relations between concepts; taxonomies, which are hierarchically organized concepts; and informal ontologies, such as Internet encyclopedias created and maintained by user communities. Manual construction of ontologies is a time-consuming and costly process requiring the participation of experts; therefore, in recent years, there have appeared many systems that automate this process in a greater or lesser degree. This paper provides an overview of methods for automatic construction and enrichment of ontologies, with the focus being placed on informal ontologies.

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Programming and Computer Software. 2013. Vol. 39. № 1. Pp. 34-42.

DOI: 10.1134/S0361768813010039

Print ISSN: 0361-7688. Online ISSN: 1608-3261.

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