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Difficulties of the Unit-Level Hardware Verification on the Example of the Instruction Buffer of the Elbrus-2S Microprocessor.


R.A. Baratov, A.S. Kamkin, V.M. Mayorova, A.N. Meshkov, A.A. Sortov, M.A. Yakusheva


The experience of standalone verification of the instruction buffer of the Elbrus-2S microprocessor with the C++TESK tool is described. Basing on it, general problems of the industrial hardware verification are identified, and ways to solve them are suggested. A brief description of the instruction buffer and its features that complicate verification is given. Technical and organizational solutions having been applied in the project are discussed. The generality of the problems under consideration allows using the suggested solutions for verifying other devices.


Hardware Modeling, Functional Verification, Model-Based Testing, Reverse Engineering.


Voprosy radioehlektroniki [Issues of Radio Electronics], no. 3, 2013. P. 84-96.

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