Towards the Usage of MBT at ETSI.

Towards the Usage of MBT at ETSI.


Jens Grabowski, Victor Kuliamin, Alain-Georges Vouffo Feudjio, Antal Wu-Hen-Chang, Milan Zoric.


The presentation outlines the work of ETSI STF 442 group in 2012. This work includes two main items: performing two model-based conformance test development case studies involving the industrial standards developed by ETSI and tools from several vendors, and development of a methodology for conformance test development with the help of model-based test generating tools.
The standards involved in cases studies are part of GeoNetworking protocol (ETSI TS 102 636) and part of Rx protocol (ETSI TS 129 214) based on Diameter. The tools used for test development are Fraunhofer MDTester (an academic tool), Conformiq Designer, Microsoft SpecExplorer, and MBTSuite.
The case studies performed were successful in the sense that all the tools were able to produce the test suites having the same test adequacy as the corresponding manually developed conformance test suites.

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model-based testing tools, ETSI, protocol standard conformance testing


Proceedings of MBT 2013:30-34.

DOI: 10.4204/EPTCS.111.3

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