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Methods for Automatic Term Recognition in Domain-Specific Text Collections: A Survey


N. A. Astrakhantsev, D. G. Fedorenko, D. Yu. Turdakov


Applications related to domain specific text processing often use glossaries and ontologies, and the
main step of such resource construction is term recognition. This paper presents a survey of existing definitions
of the term and its linguistic features, formulates the task definition for term recognition, and analyzes
presently-available methods for automatic term recognition, such as methods for candidates collection,
methods based on statistics and contexts of term occurrences, methods using topic models, and methods
based on external resources (such as text collections from other domains, ontologies, and Wikipedia). This
paper also provides an overview of standard methodologies and datasets for experimental research.

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automatic term recognition, term extraction, domain-specific terms, terminology, ontology


Programming and Computer Software, 2015, Vol. 41, No. 6, pp. 336–349.

DOI: 10.1134/S036176881506002X


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