Casr: crash analysis and severity reporting tool

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Casr: crash analysis and severity reporting tool

Casr creates automatic reports for crashes happened during program testing or deployment. The tool works by analyzing Linux coredump files. The resulting reports contain the crash’s severity and additional data that is helpful for pinpointing the error cause.

Features and advantages

Casr solves the same problem as Apport, an open source system, but in contrast with it, Casr estimates a crash’s severity and provides a list of open files and network connections at a crash time.

Casr provides:

  • Detecting critical program faults that can lead to hijacking control flow.
  • Classifying crashes into one of 23 classes based on a program state at a crash time (function return address corruption, null pointer dereference etc.). Fatal errors are further grouped based on severity, such as exploitable, potentially exploitable, or denial of service errors.
  • Collecting a list of open files and network connections that could be the reason of a crash.
  • An extended crash report containing the fatal error’s severity and other data (OS and package versions, executed command line, call stack, open files and network connections, register state etc.).
  • Reports for hard to reproduce crashes such as non-deterministic errors, cases when the original execution environment is hard or impossible to reconstruct etc.).
  • Integration with monitoring tools (such as Zabbix) that allows system administrators and devops to receive on the fly notifications about critical program crashes.

Who is Casr target audience?

  • Companies that need to receive the data regarding user-deployed programs’ crashes to develop high reliability and security software.
  • Companies that need to certify the developed software.
  • Certification laboratories.

Casr deployment stories

Casr is deployed in a number of Russian companies and vendors as an add-on tool to ISP Crusher.

System requirements

Linux-based OS for x86, x86-64, or ARMv7. Casr can be deployed as a deb package.

Casr workflow

Casr: crash analysis and severity reporting tool


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