Cloud-Based Development Infrastructure for Russian Tizen Platform

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Cloud-Based Development Infrastructure for Russian Tizen Platform

ISP RAS provides cloud infrastructure that supports development lifecycle of Russian Tizen platform. This infrastructure provides tools for community development of the platform components. It enables performing regular automatic builds and testing of Tizen platform images, and helps developers to make adaptations of the OS and build Tizen platform images for new hardware architectures. The infrastructure deployed at ISP RAS consists of the following components:

1. «Cloud» SDK.

Using cloud SDK developers can access development tools for the platform and applications directly from Web browser without the need to install SDK on their local workstations.

After logging in, a user can create one or more virtual desktops with complete development environment with Tizen SDK preinstalled, which includes Eclipse IDE, compiler, debugger and device emulator.


2. Local code repository.

The repository contains the source code for Tizen.Ru platform, including localized OS components that comply with national standards and regulations. Besides that the repository contains branches with Tizen ports for specific hardware.


3. Build server.

The build system is based on OBS Server open source software. It includes a controlling Web server and a number of worker machines. The OBS Server provides automatic dependencies resolution during automated build of packages and images for different CPU architectures and devices.


4. Code review, repository and project management system.

The deployed infrastructure also has tools for code review and project management, based on Gerrit and Redmine. These components enable collaboration, providing tools to review proposed patches, a task manager, a bug tracker and a wiki, integrated with local code repository.



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